Saturday, March 8, 2008

Our Mission

Welcome. Let's talk about the idea behind this blog for a moment.

I am a registered Democrat who is very much looking forward to casting my vote in the 2008 general election. At the start of the primary season, it was apparent that an unprecedented enthusiasm for the democratic process, and in particular for the Democratic Party, had emerged. We've seen record turnouts in states and territories and the voices of Americans in all corners of the world have been counted as the candidates have narrowed to two. Until recently, we had been treated to an unusually positive and uplifting debate between Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Barack Obama. The Party and the people of America were, and are, looking forward to voting FOR someone rather than against someone for a change.

Senator Obama has had a great deal of success, overcoming double digit polling deficits in most states as his name and his platform have become more familiar to the voting public. As a result of this extraordinary outreach, and an inspiring style that appeals to our collective desire for representation in Washington built on statesmanship rather than partisanship, the Senator from Illinois has built a significant lead in the elected delegate totals. Most news organizations have run the math and have determined that Senator Clinton will need 65% of all remaining delegates to surpass Senator Obama's lead, making her nomination a longshot at best.

Still, our purpose here is not to rob the American public of their voice in this process. If Senator Clinton continues to tally large voting blocks in each of the upcoming states, she is doing her part to build the Democratic base and offers an opportunity for supporters to be involved. That, after all, is democracy at its best. Senator Clinton has certainly made an impressive mark by winning the popular vote in many of the traditionally strong Democratic territories and other, less traditional, voting blocks as well. She is a powerful and well-liked Democrat with an admirable platform and a successful record in her time as an elected official. There is no reason to call for either candidate to withdraw from this race as it is very close in many parts of the country.

The purpose here is to serve notice to the Democratic National Committee of a rising sentiment among voters in favor of our own representation. The potential for a brokered convention in August has become increasingly apparent and the possibility that our nomination will be decided behind closed doors by superdelegates is very real. As committed Party members, we support the rules and the notion that superdelegates have been given the right to cast their votes in any way they see fit. It is alarming, however, that we might see the majority of remaining superdelegates hold their votes until the end. It is important that these Party insiders take a position for one candidate or the other well in advance of the convention. Let their votes stand out in the open before the convention is upon us. Let the American people see where the powerful stand prior to any "smoke-filled rooms" come into the equation.

Should the body of uncommitted superdelegates take a position early, the nomination can be decided before we arrive at an 11th hour negotiation. It gives the voting public an opportunity to hold their representatives accountable. Should these superdelegates wait until August to act as power brokers, it robs the public of the transparency and accountability we deserve. The following petition has been created for you, the Democratic voter, to pledge your support for Senator Barack Obama as a write-in candidate for the presidency should he hold a lead at the end of the primaries and caucuses, as it appears is likely, but fail to secure the nomination as a result of superdelegate intervention in the process. Follow the link below:

Write-In Barack Obama Petition

This petition states simply:

To: Democratic National Committee

I agree, in principle, to write in Barack Obama for the office of President of the United States should he hold a lead in elected delegates at the close of all primaries and caucuses but fail to secure the Party nomination.

I believe that Barack Obama must be supported by the Party's superdelegates in the event that the above mentioned conditions are met and I will exercise my right to write in his name on my 2008 general election ballot.

By signing this petition, you add your voice to a growing wave of voters eager to see justice in our democracy. The tally of signatures will be delivered to the Democratic National Committee prior to the convention as an indicator of the public support for the candidate holding the lead in elected delegates. Of course, this petition has been created for Barack Obama in anticipation of a final lead in the delegate count. I encourage anyone who believes Senator Clinton may find herself in a similar position to exercise their democratic right to representation by creating their own campaign.

Barack Obama represents a change in the tone and tenor of American politics. We've seen the Clinton campaign employ various types of negative attacks in recent days and propaganda in the form of television ads and so forth. These tactics rob the Democratic Party and the American public of its dignity. Attacking Senator Obama on his record is okay. Drawing a contrast of experience and judgment is also okay. Distorting the message by employing fear and dread drags politics back into the gutter and robs us of our right to a transparent and straightforward campaign. It's old politics and we ought to reject it by asking our Party officials to reject it in advance of the convention. If propaganda and "political gamesmanship" are acceptable as a way to beat down an opponent during the campaign, they will certainly be okay in those "smoke-filled rooms" discussed earlier.

Support us by signing the petition and passing the link to this blog to friends and family. Thank you very much.

Michael Plugh


Paul Levinson said...

Excellent idea, Mike!

Mike Plugh said...

Thanks. Communicative action at its best. New Media and Democracy working together....

lauren said...

great idea. I am onboard

Mike Plugh said...

Thanks Lauren!!